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Self-Care Resources

We are often harder on—and crueler to—ourselves than we are with other people. Here are four ways to be kinder to yourself and build self-empathy.

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Micro-self-care can be a great step towards prioritizing yourself during a busy day.

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Broadening your understanding of self-care can help you find meaning in the less-great parts of your day while keeping yourself high on your own priority list.

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Here are a few practical suggestions, all based on science, to help alleviate loneliness.

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From labeling your feelings to exercise snacks, here’s a roundup of some of Well’s best advice for better living.

Try one (or more) of these small habits that can make life a little bit better. For those who struggle to meditate, watch the jellyfish!


Social media makes is easy to envy other people's lives. Learning to romanticize your own life can help you appreciate the little moments throughout your day and see the beauty in your own surroundings. This can help to change your outlook on life.


Awe has psychological benefits, seems to quiet the negative self-talk, and is something you can develop with practice. Here's how.

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Play offers a reprieve from the chaos, and challenges us to get in touch with a key part of ourselves that gets lost in the responsibilities of adulthood.


How to bake delicious desserts that are good for us, in every sense - nourishing bodies and spirits.


Here are 7 outside-of-the-box, but science-based strategies to help us calm down quickly.

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Using an approach called Soften, Soothe, and Allow, use these five specific ways for self-compassion when challenging feelings arise.


Creating a clear, more focused mind starts by making decisions about how we spend our time every day.

Here are five ways to soothe a mind overstimulated by anxiety, stress and streams of information.


To help parents navigate a tumultuous time, here are five suggestions to help slow down, recharge and encourage their kids to participate, too.

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