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SPACE Treatment

Are you struggling with helping your child manage his or her anxiety? We offer training using an evidence-based approach to parenting that allows parents to learn how to help their child without the child ever being involved in the treatment.

SPACE stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions.

It is designed for parents of children who struggle with anxiety, OCD, and related problems. SPACE was developed by Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center.

Some of the main anxiety problems treated with SPACE include:

      Separation anxiety                    Fears and phobias

      Social anxiety                            Panic disorder and Agoraphobia

      Generalized anxiety                  Obsessive-compulsive disorder 


What happens in SPACE treatment?

  • Parents who participate in SPACE will learn skills and tools to help their child overcome anxiety, OCD or related problems.

  • The treatment focuses on changes that parents can make to their own behavior. There is no need to make their child change.

  • The two main changes that parents learn to make in SPACE treatment are to respond more supportively to their anxious child, and to reduce the accommodations they have been making to the child symptoms. 



SPACE Treatment Options:

Group Treatment - currently offered via Zoom

Join a group of parents who are experiencing the same issues. The group format occurs in three phases:

  • Phase One: Education (three weekly 90-minute sessions)

  • Phase Two: Implementation (three weekly 90-minute sessions)

  • Phase Three: Follow Up and Support (three weekly 90-minute sessions)

Phase One is a required commitment. Follow up phases are optional commitments.

For more information, please complete the Counseling Registration Form.

Individual Treatment - may be in-person or virtual

Request an individual consultation at any time (parents only). A full assessment will be completed and recommendations will be provided as to the best course of action. Follow up sessions may or may not include your child. $115 for session. 

For more information, please complete the Counseling Registration Form.


Both parents are encouraged to attend if possible.

  • Phase One ($300) 3 90-minute sessions

  • Phase Two ($225) 3 90-minute sessions

  • Phase Three ($150) 3 90-minute sessions


For more information, please complete the Counseling Registration Form.

Questions? Please contact Terri Higgins:

Click to read an article on the effectiveness of this new approach to parenting anxious kids.

Click to read an article on the effectiveness of this new approach to parenting a child with OCD or Social Anxiety.

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